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business nuts & bolts club community networking Oct 23, 2023

I have met a wonderful group of people from various networking groups who have championed me and told others that ‘you need an Angie’. Clients have referred me too, and I feel honoured when they do. I’ve also met so many great friends through networking and regularly meet up with them.


When I first started to network, I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. It was scary. I had to talk about me and blow my own trumpet, which I was told as a kid was not a good thing to do. It takes courage for some to walk into a room at an event. If you see someone hanging out on the sidelines, bring them into your conversations, please. They just need you to notice and include them.


When it came to my first pitch, I stuttered and stammered and went bright red. I was in a room full of women who gently encouraged to tell my story. I will never forget the kindness I received from them that day. I am still good friends with many of them they are my prime referrers.


During COVID everything had to go online and for me, it was so much easier because of how much of an introvert that I am. I somehow felt stronger in the Zoom calls, more in control. I do like networking that way. But you can’t beat a face-to-face chinwag and catch up with likeminded people. People trying to make a living, surviving, and growing awesome businesses, just like you


When you get to know someone (and vice versa), after a few months you feel more confident and happier to refer them. You’ve built up that all important ‘know, like and trust’. You have a better grasp than ever of what they do in their business. You know more about their personality and their work ethic. You see, it does take time to do that. You need to build that into your considerations when you start your business. What might appear as someone’s ‘overnight success’ could well have taken them 5 years to build.


If you get a chance, get out there. Network. Meet new people. Have fun. BE YOU!


In the Business Nuts and Bolts Club we have monthly Networking events included in the membership. I love nothing more but to encourage the group to get to know each other well  - have one to ones and where possible and if it fits, use their services.


Want to know more about the Business Nuts and Bolts Club – here is the link: Business Nuts & Bolts Club

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