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I love providing business support to those clients who don't have the time, don't want to work out the pesky tech or simply just don't want to do it. Afterall we start our business and want to deliver the thing that we are brilliant at, we didn't sign up to the 55 gazillion other jobs that come with it. 


One of the my favourite things to do is to work out the task and create a process map. I talk to my client and work out what they want, create a map, get approval and crack on it with. It means that we are both clear on the assignment. I also offer to film the task as I do it too, so they can do it themselves at a later time should they need to, which is super helpful if they only need to tweak something.


I love working on Kajabi - which incidentally is where this website and its contents are housed. Many of my clients use this all in one platform for its convenience. It really does help you to turn your knowledge into money. Kajabi is able to house your courses, emails, sales funnels and landing pages, webpages, pricing offers (connected to stripe and or paypal can take the payments too), podcast, community and so much more.


When all you want to do is work with your own clients, you can get in touch with me and I can build your website - easily duplicate and move it from its existing location, build your course, create sales pages and link it to the checkout page. I can help set up your sales funnels and your lead magnets to allowing you to earn additional income.


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