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business nuts & bolts club productivity tips Oct 30, 2023
Image of lady using hands to create a square. Focussing on that area. Focus your time

Do you have days when everything just goes bonkers and you can’t get a task done? You finish the day in a mood because you have not achieved what you set out to do? So frustrating.


What can you do about it? What can you do to stay on track? To keep the focus? All is not lost, there are tonnes of things that you can do successfully.


  1. Close the tabs on your browser. If you don’t want to do that, mute the sites by right clicking on the tab and selecting ‘mute site’.


  1. Check your emails every three hours instead of being reactive to them coming in. A short distraction can massively affect how long it takes you get back into the workflow – it really isn’t worth it. Switch off the notifications too.


  1. Join a group where you can have focus sessions. Great for getting specific tasks done and you have accountability too. Or find an accountability partner that can jump on a zoom call with you enabling you both to work on something in silence for the time you specify. Tell each other what it is and when time is up say how you got on. I would love to know if you do that and how it went - do let me know.


  1. If you need to calm your brain and be able to think, find a video on YouTube that relates to what you want to achieve. There are different “noise colours” to choose from such as red, pink, brown, or black noise. They relate to different frequencies and bandwidths.


  1. Turn off notifications on your phone. Those pesky apps are constantly calling for your attention and now is the time to stop and concentrate. Or simply switch off your phone or move it to another room whilst you get on with the task in hand.


  1. Block book your calendar – scheduling time into your diary to get the job done is hugely beneficial. Some can block hours on end for a task but really you should be splitting that time out, so you get the breaks you need to keep you going and getting you through that task.


I know that it isn’t always easy to get focussed but cut yourself some slack if you don’t get the task done. Try out these tips and see how you get on. Let me know if they work for you or if you have other tips to help get focussed.


Productivity in your business is key to success. It is the subject for November in the Business Nuts & Bolts Club. If you want to learn more check out this link:




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