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business nuts & bolts club community Jul 28, 2023

When I left my corporate role and joined the strong thrive of solo business owners, the only thought in my head what that instead of serving one company, I would be able to help and support lots of companies with my knowledge. Yes, that was the one thought.


I didn’t account for the many hats I would have to wear and the different roles that benefitted from an expert. I was always the one behind the desk, gathering the data and presenting the details for my Vice President to present at the meetings.


I was not an expert in many fields and that is what I learnt at the start of my journey back in 2016/2017.


So, how do you get clients? Networking and advertising. Did I know where to start? Nope, not a clue. I had the dining table, a chair, a phone, and a laptop. No business card, no business name, and no clue, only that I wanted to share my knowledge to help and support others.


I learnt how to use Canva and created my business cards and later a ‘benefits of working with me’ leaflet. Purchased my business domain name and set up a professional email address and website. Mostly this was all achieved amongst a huge amount of procrastination and frustration. The washing got done even when it could definitely wait, as did the cleaning and the wandering around the home avoiding what I really needed to do.


It was a very lonely start, and I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone and go networking. I did and joined a lovely, all female group in my hometown. Many of these ladies remain great friends in both my business and personal life.


Networking is absolutely essential for building your business, but I struggled so much. Initially because of my shyness which I overcame once I got to know the group. I had a feeling of imposter syndrome, like I wasn’t worthy but at that time I had 35 years corporate experience behind me, and I was far up the ladder and knew my stuff. Mind monkeys were playing up again!


Things were going well. I was learning a lot and spent tonnes of time learning new skills to improve this and improve that. Did a lot of self-healing too – I am a Usui Reiki Master and an Angelic Reiki healer. It has been an incredible journey and one that I am grateful to have had.


But the one thing that I have been struggling with is the marketing.


Getting my face out there and screaming from the rooftops that I’m a great person and working with me will massively help you. This is the bit that when I get to it, feels like I am stuck in treacle. I cannot move forward. So, from today, Friday 28th July 2023, I am committing to create daily posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to tell the world what I do and how I can help them. No more being the best kept secret.


I have created the Business Nuts & Bolts Club. It is a monthly membership that will house all that I have learnt and am still learning. From Canva courses, productivity exercises, ideal client work to creating your business process maps and honestly, so much more.


I love creating courses which will be available in the BN&B Club with a community and a place to ask questions, to network and support each other. There will be monthly Q&A sessions, weekly threads to add what you are working on and who your ideal client is – you may find new clients there. A safe space to learn because we don’t know what we don’t know.


My intention is to have a place for new and growing businesses to hang out and learn what I wished was available to me when I started out. I bought so many courses. Some of them were brilliant but unfortunately some were not great at all. I spent so much time, money and effort following and implementing so many ideas from different trainers, so were contradictory and confusing and others only gave half the story, so you were left to figure out how to progress.


The Business Nuts & Bolts Club is all inclusive, you pay your monthly fee, for access to the community and the courses in the library. There will be something dropped each month. This is a new club and will be a gradual build of content. Currently the Canva Basics course is in the portal, and I am finalising the ‘Beat Procrastination’ course now to add in the next couple of weeks.



Find out more and how to join: https://www.angelabrown.uk/business-nuts-and-bolts-club


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