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Why do I use bite-sized videos?

course creation Dec 11, 2023

These days, people's attention spans are notoriously short, and knowledge is easy to find. Being able to learn new skills and ideas quickly and effectively has become more important. Using traditional methods like taking classes or hiring tutors can work, but they often take a lot of time and can become too much to handle. In this situation, short and clear training videos are very helpful because they make learning much faster and more fun.


Instead of long sessions, try learning in small chunks.

In the usual way of learning, students often have to sit through long tutorials, which can be hard on the mind and make it harder to pay attention and remember things. Short and sweet training videos, on the other hand, break down difficult topics into manageable chunks that are easier to understand and remember. This bite-sized method works better for us because it lets us focus for shorter amounts of time and process information better.


Why short videos are helpful: they keep you interested and help you learn quickly

There are many reasons why short training videos are great for people who want to keep learning:

Engagement and Attention: Shorter videos keep our attention and keep our thoughts from wandering. Visuals that are interesting, clear explanations, and engaging parts keep us interested, which makes learning easier.

Retention and recall: Short movies make it easier to understand and remember things by breaking down big ideas into smaller pieces. We can remember details better and use them in real life when we use this compartmentalised method.

Flexibility and Convenience: Short videos can be watched anywhere and at any time, making it possible to make your own learning plans and fit them around your busy life. People can learn at their own pace and work learning into their daily lives because of this.

Cost-effectiveness: Short training videos often save a lot of money compared to other ways of learning. Because they don't require expensive classes or tutors, they are a choice for students from all walks of life.

Different Ways of Learning: Short videos are good for people who learn best by seeing, hearing, or touching. This variety makes sure that everyone can find a way to learn that works for them.


Beyond Training Videos: A Variety of Ways to Learn

Short training videos are great for giving you bits of information, but they're not the only good way to learn. Using them along with other ways of learning can make the learning process even better:

Tutoring: Getting one-on-one help from an experienced tutor can be very helpful, especially when it comes to difficult topics or skills.

Reading: When we read books, articles, and online resources, we learn new things and understand ideas presented in training videos better.

Audiobooks and podcasts: You can listen to interesting audiobooks and informative podcasts while doing other things, like travelling or doing things that don't require you to focus on what you're seeing.

Hands-on Practise: Putting what you've learned into practise by doing things with your hands is a great way to make sure you understand and improve your practical skills.


Taking advantage of the power of short and clear learning

In conclusion, short training videos are an interesting way to keep learning throughout your life. With their engaging design and ability to be flexible, they make it easy to understand complicated topics. Making them a useful tool for learning new things. We can unlock the power of lifelong learning and broaden our ideas in a world that is always changing by accepting this format and adding other ways to learn to it.



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