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Using International Days in your Marketing

business nuts & bolts club May 06, 2024

Marketing Strategy to Take Advantage of National and International Days


Businesses running in today's highly competitive market are consistently on the lookout for novel ways that will allow them to engage their customers and effectively make an impression. The practice of promoting on national and international days is one strategy that has proven to be successful and has gained popularity in recent years. Companies, particularly the smaller ones, have the opportunity to increase their brand recognition, communicate with their customers, and enhance sales by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by these holidays, which range from World Kindness Day to International Coffee Day. This blog post will look at the importance of including these days into your marketing plan, show you how to use the monthly calendars for wellbeing that are provided by Action for Happiness, and provide guidance on how to achieve success that is within your reach.


Marketing Days Celebrated Across the Country and Around the World

Companies can make use of ready-made subjects for their marketing activities by taking advantage of national and international holidays. The celebration of a popular food item, such as donuts, on International Donut Day or the promotion of a subject, such as environmental stewardship, on Earth Day are both examples of hooks that can be used to attract the attention of your audience.

How to Determine Which Days Are Important

The first thing you should do is conduct research to decide which national and international days are suitable for not only you but for your business too. It’s not difficult to find occasions that are relevant to your company or industry thanks to the many web calendars that publish these listings. By using the monthly calendars for wellbeing that are provided by Action for Happiness, your marketing efforts can also be better linked with the concepts of positivity, kindness, and mindfulness.  I happen to really love this particular calendar, mostly for its daily practice it gives you to create a calmer and happier life.

Advantages of National and International Days in Marketing Plans

Day celebrations on a national and international scale might be really advantageous to your marketing strategy. By providing content that is current and relevant around certain holidays, you may even expand your reach and increase the amount of engagement on your social media posts. In addition to helping your audience becoming more familiar with you and your business, marketing promotion that is relevant to these days may also boost your happiness and well-being.


Successful Campaigns

A significant number of companies have successfully used national and worldwide days to expand their marketing campaigns, and this trend is expected to continue. The promotion of International Coffee Day by Starbucks, the campaign for National Fitness Day by Nike, and the marketing plan for World Kindness Day by Coca-Cola are just a few examples of the ways businesses have used these days to engage with their audience and achieve results.

An Introduction to the Implementation of Day-Based Marketing

In order to be successful, marketing on a daily basis requires careful planning and execution. The first thing you should do is create a content calendar that details the days you want to concentrate on as well as the different kinds of content you want to create. Look at the year in full and break down the months into themes. You should personalise posts, so they speak to your target audience. If you want to promote happiness and wellbeing, you may consider adopting themes from the monthly calendars published by Action for Happiness. These themes include positivity, kindness, and mindfulness. If you want to use these days to show your audience what you like, that is also fabulous as we do tend to buy from people we like, the ones we resonate with. Take advantage of these and use those that fit you and your business well.


When everything is taken into consideration, there are lots of benefits that come from including national and international days into your marketing plan. Some of these include increased audience engagement and brand exposure – which is exactly what we are looking for isn’t it? There is a need for advance preparation, campaign tailoring, and the incorporation of positive themes in order to make the most of these opportunities and differentiate your business in this competitive market.


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