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Does your business need two of you?

course creation operations manual standard operating procedures Sep 21, 2022
two pictures of Angie in blue dress and white cardigan with the caption of does your business need two of you?

Quite often I am asked how a course would help a business and there are many ways in which it can. Today I want to explore business growth and the benefits of having courses/training sessions to help build your business.


Do you want to expand your business empire? Take on a new recruit? Work with an associate? Get a temp in to do a task that takes way too much of your time to do? I hear so many business owners are stuck because they are busy, they don’t have the time to teach what they do, but then can’t grow, get even busier, and suffer from ill health due to stress. Don’t be that business owner. There is no need to drive yourself into the ground.


Think about creating a course or training. Look at what it is you want to outsource. Think about how having someone else with you, helping and supporting you will make your business a success. It will! There is no doubt about it. You would be happier, healthier, and able to think straight. Your business will be stronger too. You want that don’t you?


Getting home at a reasonable time would mean spending more quality time with your family. Being able to switch off really is what we need to keep our mental health in check.


So how will creating a course or a series of training sessions help me? I like to think back to my corporate life and the world of procedures. We always had our set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). A place to find out how to do something you had no clue about. This was brilliant for when we had people off of work for holidays etc., we could at least muddle on without them.


I think SOPs are a bit too corporate for us. I like to think about them as an Operations Manual or Office Bible. Traditionally they are lengthy documents explaining exactly how to do something, but who has time for that? I hear you when you say you are busy, so that format is definitely not going to work for you in any way, shape, or form. To be honest, it’s too much for what you need.


Breaking down tasks is what you want to do and the best way to showcase how to do something, step by step, is to record them. You could just use Zoom or loom to show each step of how you do something. Once you have done that, structure them and file them away correctly, then the hardest step is finding the right person to work with.


Once you have found your ideal person/people, you simply guide them to what they need to do first. Before you know it they are not only picking up things quickly but can do the work much faster leaving you wondering why the heck you didn’t do this earlier. Hindsight is a great thing huh?


If you would like to learn more about how you can create a course to make your business fly, then book a chat with me and let’s get you started: https://calendly.com/angiebrown/15min

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