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How to dramatically transform your working week

productivity tips Nov 13, 2023

For many years, I worked in large corporate companies, huge organisations with a department for everything. I learned so much from that part of my career including the importance of managing your working week.


Running your own business means that it is YOU who is responsible for sending proposals, invoicing, carrying out tasks for clients and staying on top of marketing and branding messages. You are the entire company; it is your responsibility.


How do you cope? Do you have the right systems in place? Are you always starting early, then late home? If you are swamped running your own business, you are not alone!


When I started my own business, I didn’t have the luxury of departments doing tasks that were not in my skillset. I had to learn everything too. You see, I love tech, playing with new software is fun to me. Seeing how systems streamline your workload floats my boat and is why I want to share some tips.


Here are some pointers to get you started:



Get all those tasks out of your head! You don’t need to have your head filled with stuff. Write everything down on a piece of paper.


Create ‘To-do’ lists

Now that all that stuff is out of your head, look at what tasks you have written down and work out their priority. Split them into categories – Business/Client/Home. What will earn you money, what’s important, what can you outsource? Create a to-do list of no more than 6 items. Do the worst task first – check out Brian Tracy ‘Eat That Frog’, it will definitely help.


Cluster Tasks

Batch create your social media and schedule it. Allocate time to create media assets such as short videos and photos.


Block out time

Everyone has a calendar these days, use it! It’s an amazing tool and can get you working when you need to. Block out times to suit you. Don’t do a straight 4 hours to get a task done. Break it down and book it in.



Turn off notifications. Whenever you break your focus, it takes 27 minutes to get back into the flow again! Check out Pomodoro method where you work for 25 minutes, break for 5 minutes and do it 4 times. Or you could allocate slots of 90 minutes is a great way to get stuff done!



Not all tasks are equal some take us out of our comfort zone or make us feel inadequate because they are not in our zone of genius. This happens to everyone. So, if it is admin that makes you stress, outsource it! There are tonnes of VA’s that are super-efficient and brilliant at it. They LOVE admin. Work out how much it costs you to do the work, then see what a VA charges, they will get it done so much faster than you possibly could.


Want to know more? Check out my resources page: Resources Page

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