Hi, I am Angie Brown 

Passionate. Tenacious. Solutions.


Throughout the years, I’ve earned a reputation for being passionate, tenacious and determined to reach solutions no matter how tricky the task may be. I really do love to role up my sleeves and get stuff done!

I love learning new things and especially with regards to software, I am a tad nerdy. Finding solutions that make processes sleeker, has me dancing around the office and I can't wait to implement them in my clients' businesses.

The interests of my clients are always my first priority, and I go above and beyond to make sure they get the results they need. Often hand-holding as they seek to break their comfort zone.

Whether you’re about to launch a new course or project, or if you need advice on expanding your business, or would like a timely tip on matters big or small - I’m your go-to source. Contact me today to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do to help you.