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I'm Angie Brown

My experience

I'm so glad you made it here. I really wanted to get the chance to introduce myself to you.


For a majority of my adult life, I've worked in corporate companies, some of them were huge. Working as an Executive Assistant, supporting the Vice President of HR for EMEA in a company of over 30,000 employees. There was a lot to learn and I enjoyed picking up new things and learning smarter ways to work and manage time for greater productiivty. I thrived at learning new stuff to make my job easier.


I have worked on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Created standard operating procedures (SOPs). Taught others how to use software and tips and tricks to make it work slicker and so much more. Working on my own and in a team has been equally rewarding.


I have years of experience and expertise and I wanted to share those gifts with more people to help them to get stuff done. As one fabulous manager said "Miss Brown, JFDI" - he's Irish and that always sounding encouraging.

I've got you!

When I was made redundant, I knew I was to use my skills and expertise to help other. Running your own business is not at easy as it seems. You honestly "don't know what you don't know" and I am sure you have heard that a number of times before, and thought it. 


Starting your own business is a real learning curve. The systems and software are different, there is so much to learn and you have to be every single member of your team until you can earn enough to outsource. I have been on the same journey as you. When I started out I wished there was a place I could go to, to ask questions, get support and learn what I needed to create a successful business, but there was nothing like that out there.


That is why I create the Business Nuts & Bolts Club. A safe place for you to learn, to ask questions, any questions and to network with like-minded business owners on the same journey as you.

What can I expect to see in the Business Nuts & Bolts Club?

  • Online courses
  • Workbooks
  • Bite-sized videos
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Expert Speakers
  • Resources
  • Networking
  • Support
  • Business Buddies
Learn more about the Business Nuts & Bolts Club here

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Life throws curveballs, learn to dodge them and bounce back stronger.

Angie Brown