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Are you ready to work smarter?

Learn to streamline your systems and processes, create your procedures, manage your time and not be scared of the tech

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Why You Might Be Here

Many of us who start our businesses have generally come from larger organisations that have a number of departments looking after individual aspects required to keep the business wheels in motion. You remember the IT team, Finance and those working in Sales and Marketing, plus those in HR supporting the people. It is certainly not the same for those who start their own business as they are all of those departments and so much more. 

There are accountable for every single decision and everything that needs to happen to keep their business wheels in motion. It is completely understandable when they feel too stretched to even think of spending time onboarding help. But, this step is crucial if they want to thrive and survive their home and business lives.

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How we can help you

Most of the time we have built our business on our expertise and incorporated system and software recommendations from other business owners along the way. Don't get me wrong if it works for them it may well work for you, but what if we find a solution that works smarter for you?

When we are looking to expand our business, it really helps to fully understand how your business processes are working. When you have this information ready for your new team it makes it so much easier for them to understand the steps relevant to them and how they integrate with others. Think about when a new client is onboarded to your business - do you have a contract to raise? An invoice? Do they need to be upgraded to 'Client' in your CRM and added to your invoicing system? Does your invoice link to your payment system so you can match the invoice to payment? Is the payment a trigger to start work?

Gathering all of this vital information about your business and processes is essential if you are considering outsourcing some of the tasks.  This will flow into creating Standard Operating Procedures for all the tasks that take place too. I used to call this the office bible!  It is invaluable, especially if you are a staff member down and have someone to jump in for you.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the Work With Me page or click below to book some time for a chat.

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Angie is amazing at organising admin systems, analytical sorting and generally keeping things running smoothly. She is a lifeline in any office.

Jayne Venables

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