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Why Outsourcing Will Work For You

We all work so very hard in our businesses trying to do everything to keep the costs down, some of those tasks are soul-destroying and we put them off until they scream at us that they really cannot be left any longer. What if that was actually stopping us from growing? Really think about that for a minute.

We all must carry out tasks in our business that don’t match our skillset, is that the same for you too? We don’t start off with a marketing department, accounts department, PR, or Sales, do we? These are skills. They are fully-fledged jobs/roles in themselves so if that is not our zone of genius why do we think we can do them effectively and efficiently?

The answer is, we can’t. We dabble. Give it a go. Muddle through. Find a YouTube to help us through it. Or have a casual chat with an expert and try and glean some pearls of wisdom or the key to mastering that skill. But we will never be as good as them. Is that enough for our business?

Have you calculated the time and how much it costs for YOU to carry out the tasks? You do know it would take you so much longer to do than an expert don’t you? They know shortcuts that you would not know about. They have a slicker system that works every single time that you have no knowledge about.

I have a task for you, next time to start on something that is not in your zone, set a timer to calculate how long it takes you to do the task, (Toggl is an awesome timekeeper and free too). Then work out how much it cost you to do it. Could you have been working with a client and earning money at that time? What does that cost? Do you have an hourly or daily rate? Work it out and see how much it cost YOU.

Just to give you an example, the average cost to hire a Virtual Assistant to do your admin tasks, is around £30 per hour. Plus, they are skillful and super quick at all things admin, and you know what else? They absolutely LOVE admin. Mad right?

It’s not a sign of weakness or failure if you can’t do a task. Far from it! I mean, why would you waste a day doing admin stuff when you could be landing a new client or working on something you love doing. Imagine the smile on your face at the end of that day! Happy dancing here we come!

Imagine being able to get home at a reasonable time after work too. Spending time with family, seeing the kids more. Just being able to be more available outside of work is a key benefit to outsourcing.

I have come across some absolutely brilliant people to outsource to. I have a whole network to tap into, to find the skillset I am looking for to help with my business. I am not a numbers kind of girl; I have an accountant that sorts that for me, and I am eternally grateful for that.

I can help you source someone perfect for you. I can help you with your standard operating procedures, so when you do look to outsource or hire a new person to your business, you have everything in place and no need to teach them, just show them the learning pathway you want them to take. This is particularly great if there are tasks you are skilled at but want to pass on to free up more time.

If you would be interested in having a brainstorming session to see what you can delegate, you can book this with me here.

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